License Partners:

PanelClaw has partnered with Ganges Internationale in India and SunFixings Ltd. in Europe to sell and support Polar Bear III HD 10 degree.


Third-party Finance Partners:

If you’re a developer or installer looking for financing for a single project or a portfolio of PV projects ranging from 50 kW to 1,000 kW in AZ, CA, DC, MA, ME, NJ, NY, and VT, contact our partners at Sunwealth. Sunwealth offers complete PPA and/or site lease financing through a simple and efficient process.


Third-party Mechanical Attachment Partners: 

PanelClaw offers products from third-party providers of mechanical roof attachments. Our Polar Bear III HD and clawFR platforms are compatible with attachments from Anchor Products, Sustainable Technologies and OMG. Each compatible product has been tested not only for fit, but also for vertical and horizontal strength when combined with clawFR or Polar Bear III HD. All warranties for Mechanical Attachments should be obtained directly from each Mechanical Attachment provider.


clawFR Module Manufacturer Launch Partners:

We worked closely with module providers during the launch of clawFR and would like to thank our “launch partners” for their support. For a full list of compatible modules and module families, check our UL listing in the Technical Library or contact your PanelClaw sales expert.



Installer Network

A listing of installers with clawFR or Polar Bear III HD experience listed alphabetically by state. We make no representations about any of the installers on this list. All information is self-reported by the installer via our “Become an Installation Partner” form link below.