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clawOS is part of PanelClaw’s digital solutions portfolio. clawOS accelerates PV project development by automating time consuming design steps. It is a cloud based structural design platform with the power and sophistication to handle virtually any size project using the clawFR or clawFRplus mounting systems.

Developed specifically for rooftop projects, clawOS is the most powerful and versatile racking design platform available in the solar industry. Put the full power of the PanelClaw team in your hands and accelerate the design, permit and as-built process like never before.

Bid with Confidence

clawOS’s configurable design flow enables beginner and advanced users to conveniently manage their priorities. Bid with confidence by quickly creating simple array layouts or uploading layouts from AutoCAD or Helioscope and generating multiple racking design versions for budgeting purposes, to examine structural requirements, and to export BOM’s.

Engineer with Power

Engineer with power by unleashing the full potential of clawOS’s native layout tool, fully automated racking design engine, and extensive set of design inputs. clawOS is loaded with features to enable unparalleled design optimization with nearly limitless roof and sub-roof level platform load and point load limits. The integrated help desk system provides easy access to the clawOS support team so you can leverage PanelClaw expertise for challenging projects.

Manage at Scale

clawOS is a revolutionary tool that can assist in development throughout all phases of the project. Generate and share updated reports at any time, including customizable construction drawings, calculations, DXF files and BOMs. Monitor racking procurement status with the PanelClaw order tracking portal (extension of clawOS). Update layouts, ballast plans and permit packages on-the-fly to verify and document as-built field modifications.

clawLogic is a powerful platform designed to simplify order and tracking oversight, consolidating control into a single, intuitive interface. Gain real-time insights into order status and fulfillment, ensuring comprehensive visibility and streamlined operations. With live shipment tracking and downloadable Bill of Lading documents, managing logistics becomes effortless, optimizing efficiency at every step.