The New clawFR Platform

clawFR 10 Degree

clawFR 10 Degree

clawFR Dual Tilt 10 Degree

clawFR Dual Tilt 10 Degree

Wire Management Accessories

Wire Management Accessories


clawFR Product Platform

Faster build speed, more design options and intelligent O&M features along with the reliability you have come to expect from PanelClaw.

Faster Build Speed:

  • Single bolt hardware kit with no loose nuts

  • Tool-less patent pending module attachment means speed

  • Flexible order of operations: build your racking before modules arrive or hang modules as you build. Let site conditions and project conditions dictate optimal order of operations, not the racking

  • Simplified wire management

  • Pre-installed roof protection pads

  • 20% improvement in packing density means fewer pallets

More Design Options:

  • Platform is available in single tilt (10 degree) and Dual Tilt (10 degree) with multiple row spacing options [5 degree configuration coming in late 2019]

  • Best roof coverage ratios at every tilt angle

  • All the strength benefits of a rail based design configurable one module at a time (2 modules at a time for dual tilt)

  • More localized wavy roof flexibility than any rail based design in the market +-3 degrees opposing slopes accommodated

  • Universal, patent pending, module agnostic module attachment method for framed modules

  • Reduced racking overhang increases roof coverage ratio and enhances array aesthetics

  • Available as ballast only, fully attached, or hybrid (based on site requirements and conditions)

Superior O&M Features

  • Best walkway access for every row spacing option makes building and maintaining the system easier than with any other flat roof mounting system

  • Superior corrosion resistance with no price premium

  • Optimally placed, visible mechanical attachment location for ease of inspection

  • Optimizers mounted under modules with optimizer QR codes visible even after modules are hung

  • 90 degree single module tilt up feature

  • Redundant module level bonding and grounding makes single module replacement simple


  • Most rigorously tested flat roof racking platform in the world

  • SEAOC PV1 and PV2 2017 full compliance with peer review

  • ANSI/UL 2703-2015 Listing

    • Class A fire rating for Type I and Type II modules with no additional parts required

    • Module level mechanical load listing for up, down and down-slope

    • Electrical grounding and bonding using a single lug per subarray

  • High strength structural steel components

  • 25 year limited product warranty


clawFR 10 Degree

  • Build rate of 280 - 420 modules per day with a 4 person crew (includes full mechanical installation, ballasting and module-to-module wiring)

  • Best row spacing options in the industry with the most walkway (Row Gap) access in the flat roof sector:

    • 11” Row Gap yields an 80% roof coverage ratio

    • 14” Row Gap yields a 75% roof coverage ratio

    • 17” Row Gap yields a 70% roof coverage ratio

  • Best platform load capacity range in the industry (ability to place as few as zero and as many as 8 captured ballast blocks per module)

    • 2 psf to 12 psf


clawFR Dual Tilt 10 Degree

  • Build rate of 300 - 440 modules per day with a 4 person crew (includes full mechanical installation, ballasting and module-to-module wiring)

  • Superior row spacing

    • 8” high side Row Gap with a 2” Low side Row Gap yields a 90% roof coverage ratio

  • Aerodynamic design with fully ballasted, attached or attached with ballast “hybrid” options

    • 2.9 psf to 13 psf


clawFR Wire Management Accessories

PanelClaw has developed two proprietary wire management accessories designed to facilitate DC wire management for the platform. In order to help installers, we have also published a clawFR wire management guide that includes these two proprietary parts as well other compatible third-party wire management aids.

  • Wire Router

    • Used for routing cables between rows in the North/South direction for clawFR 10D and in the East/West direction for clawFR Dual Tilt. The cable router will hold up to 4 cables

    • Sold in packs of 25

  • Wire Clip

    • Used for routing cables underneath rows along ballast rails in the East/West direction for clawFR 10D and in the North/South direction for clawFR Dual Tilt. The cable clip will hold up to 8 cables

    • Sold in packs of 100

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clawFR 5 Degree

  • Coming at the end of 2019